Phillipe, the Flea

What’s this game about?

Meet Phillipe, a french flea who enjoys tasting blood, always in the search for the best blood in all Paris! Can you be the next legendary Verminoisseur de Sang?

  • This platform game revolves around the world seen from a flea's perspective... so everything looks HUGE. This weird appearance makes the game catchy and fresh.
  • Using the amazing jumping skills of Phillipe, the level design is challenging and implements new tools to the platform genre.
  • Don't forget to feed Phillipe with blood! Without the precious red liquid, Phillipe won't be able to jump or even move, making a quick game over due to starvation.
  • Grow your ranks with most exquisite blood found! The more pure and tasting blood you find, the higher your rank will grow. Can you beat the rancid Mosquiteers and Madame Ticktick?

We’re working on it!

We are coming to some great app ideas, yet we have to finish up some details. Wait for them!